Avoid Toxic Beliefs That Turn Your Efforts into Failures

by: Editorial Staff

Wrong Beliefs can negatively condition your life. Learn how to adopt a more critical mindset: get rid of the wrong beliefs that are limiting you. Craft your beliefs to make them beneficial for you and for the people around you.
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We all have wrong beliefs limiting our lives but we all choose the paths we take and we all choose what we want to believe. No-one is forcing us to believe the things we think about ourselves.

No-one, other than yourself, is threatening you to be depressed and miserable.

You make conscious decisions to believe what you believe and these are the building blocks of your world. This is how you see your world. It’s not pushed on you by anyone else. Nobody is forcing you to keep your beliefs.

While you have started to believe it enough that for you it’s true, you always have the chance to change.

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How To Change Your Wrong Beliefs?

So, how can you fight against these ingrained toxic beliefs? The interesting thing is that the best way to tackle the toxicity is by having a more critical attitude.

We are not at all suggesting you should transform yourself into the biggest asshole on the planet, but you do need to cast a more skeptical eye on things.

Avoid taking things at face value. While someone might say something that is true or right, use your experience to filter the information. Use logical reasoning to get to the real truth.

One of the major problems is that lots of people have a lazy attitude. If someone they respect and love makes a claim or says something, they believe it almost without questioning it.

Why is that?

It’s because we have filtered that person in the back of our minds as someone who has experience in many different things and has achieved a certain level of authority and trust. So, there’s no need to do any actual thinking for ourselves, is there? Why would we question what a person like that says?

So, rather than taking the time and putting the effort into research and investigate things for yourself, you are transferring that into your friend and their claim. However, this is an issue because very often people, human beings, get things wrong.

Humans often say the most ridiculous things and if you are not careful or cautious and you take a lazy attitude mentally to things, you will just absorb and listen to what they say and start to believe it. This causes problems. What if, for instance, they are only saying things that are true for them as individuals and not something that applies to everyone without exception?

So, after you’ve started being more skeptical, you need to stop forming assumptions. Don’t be scared to take a stand and fact check anything someone says. Ask for proof. Don’t be afraid to say: “Wait a second, what do you mean exactly?”.

This prevents people from moving on with their argument, but stop them from taking wild leaps of faith based on their beliefs. Mature individuals that have advanced thinking and are well-balanced appreciate this approach because they have an understanding of clean logic.

On the other hand, a large number of people would feel insecure about your approach and possibly attack you. But, that’s fine. Always prepare yourself for that outcome and never be scared to ask for the first principles behind what they are saying.

If you don’t, you are acting foolish and you will be a victim. Avoid assuming, don’t be scared to look at the thought process behind what they are saying, because it may lack logic.

In a nutshell, if you avoid assuming and start being more critical, you will always be able to change your toxic beliefs. You have to adopt a mindset of being more critical and stop assuming things. Choose your beliefs, don’t let other people choose them for you.

Understand that beliefs are two-edged swords. Don’t let them work against you. Actually, let them work for you.

If you can change your beliefs, you’re on the right track to change your life as well. Learn how to craft them to make them beneficial for you and for the people around you.

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