7 Methods to Make Money Online and Generate Passive Income 2018

by: Editorial Staff

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The web opened a whole new world of opportunities to working from home and make money in many different ways. In this post, I want to share with you some of the most common methods that Internet Gurus and Digital Marketer from all over the world use to make money online everyday.

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1. Sell information products such as eBooks or VideoCourses.

Here on aSmart.Life, we love eBooks and information products. We enjoy sharing our proven techniques and that’s a great way to male some money online, too. There is a huge demand of information, out there. People need How To Information to make their life easier and save hours of researches. If you have an area of expertise in which you feel really strong try creating an eBook to share your knowledge. Selling an eBook online is relatively easy and it doesn’t require a big investment. Once you’ve finished your eBook, all you have to do is to set up a website, secure a web hosting and advertise your products. The best part is that your eBooks will be available 24 hours a day, so you will make money even when you sleep, for several years to come. You can also create a video course and if you don’t want the hassle of managing a website, you can selling it directly through Udemy or other platforms, benefitting from their audience.

2. Make money with affiliate programs.

This is a very popular method that many internet marketers use to generate passive income and make money online; they sell products that other companies make. This is a very easy way if you don’t have your own product and you don’t want to invest money and/or time to create it. The affiliate programs will provide you the products and the code to track down sales. All you have to do is to sell the products through the links they provide you and get the commissions. Try to search companies that offer good commissions and connect them with clients that are likely to make multiple purchases over extended period of time. This system will generate you recurring commissions.

3. Run Ads you your Website

If you run a blog, a website, or you’re planning to start one, you can add banner placements or links on your site at a certain fee. this can be a great way to earn some residual money on a monthly basis and integrate your incomes.

4. Become a reseller of web hosting services or domain registration.

You can resell web hosting services without owning servers. You can just pay a monthly fee to the the hosting company and resell the service to your customers. Keep in mind that you should be knowledgable about the web hosting services to provide prompt and reliable technical support to your customers.

5. Take Freelance jobs

Thanks to the internet you can offer many services as a freelance. Knowing coding languages or being a web designer is not the only way to work as a freelance. If you have solid grammar, communication and spelling skills you can write articles from remote. It will take some time to gain credibility and build your portfolio, but if you’re going to be consistent, the results are going to pay off.

6. Teach a language.

If you have a strong command in any language, you can teach languages online. This is a skill in high demand and you could make good money out of it.

7. Perform Internet research jobs.

If you really know how to search the web, you could offer your skill as an online researcher to local businesses.

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